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How to Deal with Teasing, Bullying and Social Stigmas in Schools?

Being bullied in school is a terrible feeling. You feel like you are not wanted and that your classmates don’t want to be around you. Some people will say it toughens you up for the real world, but what if these bullies are all you have?  

Bullying can affect someone at any point in their life – so it’s essential to address this issue early on before it escalates too far out of control. 

Teasing and Bullying 

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The bullying behaviors are repeated and involve a situation where someone is either seeking to have power over another person or group of people, responding to actual or perceived threats from others, being motivated by prejudice against the targets, delighting in making others suffer, or having an impaired capacity for empathy. These behaviors may be verbal, such as making threats, physical, or psychological. 

Some forms of bullying 

1.) Verbal/Emotional: 


  • Imposing Social Isolation 
  • Threatening harm to body or possessions 
  • Withholding affection or approval 
  • Name-calling 
  • Insults 
  • put-downs 

2.) Physical 

  • Hitting/Kicking/Pinching 
  • Spitting 
  • Tripping/Shoving 
  • Use of weapons (i.e., guns) 

3.) Social 

  • Teasing about clothing or appearance 
  • Leaving someone out on purpose 
  • Breaking up friendships or encouraging others to do so 

How do I respond to bullying? 

You have the right to feel safe at school. If you are being bullied, speak up! You will not be in trouble for telling on them, and nothing terrible is going to happen. Many people can help with this situation – your parents, teachers, or other adults who work at your school. 

Social stigmas in schools can also be a major problem for students. They can lead to bullying, isolation, and depression in some cases. One example of this is if you’re going through puberty at school. Kids will tease you about your physical appearance, which can affect how you feel about yourself as an adult.  

To avoid social stigmas like these from developing, you need to speak up about them. If you see something making someone feel bad or discouraged, talk with your classmates and teachers. It will be helpful if everyone is on the same page to make sure no one feels alone. 

How to deal with it at the moment? 

If you are being bullied or teased, it is important to tell someone. If your parents aren’t around and there’s no one else at school you feel comfortable talking to, call a hotline for advice – even if it seems silly! Some people can help make this situation better for everyone involved. Remember that the bullying will not last forever.  

What to do in the future? 

To avoid being bullied or teased, you must speak up about it. If something is making someone feel bad at school, talk with your classmates and teachers to help everyone involved. You have a voice – use it for good! It will only benefit you and everyone around you. 


I want to reiterate that bullying is a problem in schools. It can cause people to have low self-esteem, and it should be taken seriously by all of us who are either witnessing or being bullied.  

If you feel the need to speak up about what’s happening, please do so. When this happens, there may not always be someone there for you, but your voice matters and could help save a life. And if you know somebody who is dealing with any form of social stigma – whether they’re going through teasing at school or feeling pressure from society over something as simple as wearing certain clothes – remember that we want them just as much as anyone else does! We’ll never stop fighting for equality. 

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