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Learn How to Remember More Using Memory Techniques

A good memory is always an advantage for anyone whether as students or as professionals. However, as people age, memory is one of those things that tend to deteriorate. Nevertheless, there are several methods or techniques that are worth exploring when it comes to enhancing memory function regardless of age.


A mnemonic is a device or a technique that seeks to help the mind remember certain things by associating or linking these with familiar or popular places or people. In some cases, letters of the alphabet can be used as mnemonic.

Through the mnemonic technique, the brain is being trained to learn things by association. Once this is completely processed, the mind stores the information and will pull this out the moment it is needed.


Closely related to mnemonic is the acronym method. This is a common technique used when attempting to develop good memory. In simple terms, people choose a word that they can use as guide when trying to remember what they need to do.

For example, the word “KISS” has been used as acronym for “Keep It Short and Simple” for those who tend to stray from the topic that they are discussing. In particular, public speakers often keep this in mind when talking before a crowd so they will not unnecessarily bore their listeners.

The acronym technique is a fun way of enhancing memory function. With a little imagination, names of countries or places can even be considered when using this method.


This technique has to do with categorizing or classifying things into batches or groups. The chunking method is especially useful when handling data provided at random with no particular connection to one another.

As an illustration, numbers 273645 would be a bit difficult to memorize when presented as is. However, when the numbers are grouped into pairs, i.e., 27, 36, 45, they can be easily remembered as they can be viewed from the aspect that each pair equals to 9 when added together.

Chunking has long been known as highly effective in terms of memory enhancement. This is because, by instinct, the human brain works by handling information through patterns. When this is the case, the brain finds logic in the information and gets to save the data under more convenient settings.

Spaced Repetition

Through this method, the information stored in the brain is strengthened by mentally repeating this at regular intervals. In other words, this is like mind reinforcement where saved information is refreshed so the brain will not forget it even if this not currently being used.

Apart from the above techniques, simple everyday tasks or activities are likewise known to help contribute in developing a better and more developed memory. Eating fresh and nutritious food tops the list. Certain foods like fish, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, oysters, walnuts, and many others are found to be helpful in developing prefrontal activity in the brain which is responsible for cognition and memory.

Getting enough sleep is still another way of keeping the memory sharp. Adequate sleep helps form procedural memory which allows people to learn new skills with ease. Regular exercise, meanwhile, increases the flow of blood to the brain, allowing it to become more alert and develop a more positive mindset as well as better concentration

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