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Overcoming Anxiety in Relationships When Things Get Frustrating

Anxiety can be a killer in your relationship. 

It can destroy all the good things that you have built.  

From platonic relationships to romantic ones, anxiety can be unhealthy. It can destroy all sorts of relationships. And it can also make you seem more selfish. 

So before anxiety gets the best of you, here are ways on how to overcome it in your relationship. 

  1. Express how you truly feel 

Keeping open communication with your partner is one of the secrets of a healthy relationship.  

And telling them how you really file will prevent anxiety from popping up in the first place. 

Keeping your emotions all bottled up can cause it to spiral and things will get out of control. And this often happens if you don’t tell your partner how you feel exactly. 

And don’t expect them to guess as well. 

2. Learn to accep

Refusing to accept reality may make you too worrisome. 

And too much worry can build all the tension. So even if you didn’t mean it, you will be taking it out on your partner.  

So how do you learn to accept? Do not live in your comfort zone.  

Practice being uncomfortable in some ways. 

Do not obsess over things that you can’t solve. And be okay with being uncomfortable if things don’t go your way. Because they will not all the time. 

But it doesn’t mean that you will shrug it off or ignore it. Instead, you make constructive actions if necessary and if possible.  

3. Remove all negative thoughts 

Negative thoughts can fill your brain and heart with worry and fear. And when it is clogged already, you’ll become anxious, a worrywart. 

You might not even be able to enjoy the things that you used to love doing. Even romance will not seem magical to you anymore. And that can strain your relationship fast. 

Not entertaining negative thoughts and persons will help you keep your bubble of  

happiness and positivity.   

While a lot may be happening right now, take the time to look at the positive side of things and enjoy life.  

Don’t be too serious and laugh with your partner. 

4. Don’t ask for too much assurance 

Getting some assurance is one thing, but asking for one every now and then is unhealthy. 

It will make you doubt your relationship. And this makes you appear too needy. And nobody likes a needy partner.  

5. Don’t focus too much on the possible problems 

Finding solutions to your problems is one thing. But over obsessing on finding solutions to possible problems is another thing.  

This will just create problems that were never there in the first place. It’s like you’re sending an invite to a problem to come your way all the time.  

Instead, focus on the present moment. Take each day at a time.  

Otherwise, it can drain all your energy and your zest in life.  

Instead, look at each day as an opportunity for a change. Something can change that will make that possible problem non-existent anymore.   

5. Amp up the emotional support 

To help your partner deal with anxiety and prevent it from boiling over and affecting your relationships, amp up the support system.  

Anxiety eases up a lot of emotional reserves, so always top it. 

Invest in your emotional reserves. Say gratitude and express love all the time. And oh, you have to mean it too.  

So come the day that heavy problems arise, you have your emotional support and reserves all full.

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